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TOTAL PRICE: $689.00 + shipping

(delivery included within 50 miles of Waco, Texas)  Ask about discount for 4 or more sets. 


 100  14"x 22" non-consumable charts

See "photos" for examples

*NO WORKSHEETS*:  Students think -> create,

think -> write, think -> complete. 



1 set of  short a,o,i  charts (24 charts)

1 set of short e,u, mixed voweL charts (26 charts)

1 set of long vowel/rhyming charts (24 charts)

1 set of early +/- math charts (26 charts)

blank templates for student creativity

assorted sizes of blank sheets for chart modifications

one storage box with labeled dividers and velcro fasteners

With care, chart pages should have a long life .


To order ---or for more information:

Please email or phone below


phone:          254-224-2473


linked in:       Gaylene Reed                                                     Independent Consultant

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