3C Charts are ALWAYS relevant.  They were created by a veteran teacher with input, validation, and revisions over time (updating as needed) with partner teachers in real classrooms with real students.

The charts can be used by teachers, T.A.s,, volunteers, and substitute teachers, need minimal teacher prep., and are easy to evaluate and modify. 

Over time, 3C Charts were created to benefit both students and teachers. They will not only complement and reinforce existing phonics, language and math programs, but are intended to guide students to "ownership" of their work that may be lacking in many "worksheet activities"!

Once the initial procedure is in place, teachers can do a 5,10 minute or longer activity to fit within any schedule. A chart activity can also be used when a speaker or lunch is late, the printer is down, P.E. is cancelled, etc.  The charts are also perfect for "Bell to Bell"/"Do Now"/ "Bell Ringer" activities.

This effective resource is low-cost, as there are minimal consumables-a 3C chart, blank paper, dry erase markers, pencil and crayons are the only items necessary for a complete lesson or activity--and NO COPYING REQUIRED!

Creater of 3C Charts

Hi!  Welcome to 3C Charts. After repeated requests from co-teachers telling me that I MUST share these charts with others--I finally agreed to publish!  My hope is that teachers and students will have the opportunity to benefit from these charts as our own students did for many years.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'm happy to discuss on-site training for staff.  See "contact" page for email, website and phone info.  

Happy Teaching!

Gaylene Reed